LEJILEX Announces Launch of Legit.Exchange on Sepolia Testnet

May 21, 2024

Fort Worth, Texas – LEJILEX, a pioneering technology firm at the forefront of the digital economy transition, is thrilled to announce the beta launch of its flagship product, Legit.Exchange, on the Ethereum Sepolia testnet. This significant milestone marks the first public availability of the platform, offering users the ability to engage in test transactions using various testnet tokens.

Since its founding in 2023, LEJILEX has been focused on integrating the adaptability of decentralized markets with the secure, trusted features of established financial institutions. Legit.Exchange embodies this vision, facilitating peer-to-peer transactions with low fees while ensuring the security, transparency, and regulatory compliance that users expect.

Participation and Feedback

Starting today, select participants can access the Legit.Exchange on the Sepolia testnet to perform virtual trades between testnet tokens. This initial phase is designed to refine the platform’s features and ensure a seamless user experience ahead of its full commercial launch.

"We are excited to reach this crucial phase in our development," said a spokesperson for LEJILEX. "The Sepolia testnet launch allows us to gather invaluable feedback from the community and move closer to our goal of creating a trusted and efficient digital asset trading tool."

Those looking to participate in the testnet launch can sign up for the wailist on the Legit.Exchange website. The platform will be available to a limited number of users initially, with additional spots opening up as the testing progresses. The team at LEJILEX is eager to hear from participants about their experiences and suggestions for improvement.

Looking Ahead

LEJILEX remains dedicated to its mission of facilitating the transition to a digital economy through innovative solutions like Legit.Exchange. The company continues to develop and expand its offerings, with plans for further enhancements and additional asset integrations in the pipeline.

For more information about Legit.Exchange and to participate in the testnet, please visit Legit.Exchange.


Headquartered in Texas, LEJILEX is a technology firm built by a team of dedicated technologists who are passionate about leveraging blockchain technology to transition from traditional economic systems to a digital-first economy. Their commitment to innovation and user rights protection is at the core of all their products, including their flagship, Legit.Exchange.

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